Praxis Seminar: Pitching with Passion

Sibylle Kurz

As the competition increases all the time, a professional appearance is more important than ever. Yet having a good idea for a new breakthrough documentary, feature film, multi-media project, TV series or magazine format is simply not enough; it needs to be presented as succinctly, assertivly and professionally as possible. This workshop provides a valuable opportunity for attendees to learn how to pitch their projects to maximum effect and cast themselves in a positive an winning light.

In this two-day course, you will get the chance to share your pitching experiences of the past and perhaps pinpoint a few shortcomings. Then, on a groupwork basis, we will practise a set of verbal and body-language skills as well as effective communications techniques. The main aim is a clear definition of what marketing a project is all about. The seminar finiches on the third day with 40-minute individual coaching session for each person taking part.
Please note that the basic requirement for participation in this workshop is an actual project at development  stage- whether mature idea or sreenplay.

Sibylle Kurz has worked since 1994 as a freelance communication skills trainer and personal coach in the media sector. Her clients include production firms, producers and writers. She also teaches at film colleges and institutes at home and abroad. She is the author of Pitch it! which was updated and republished in 2009 by UVK.