The Award Winner

Maren Ade
"Everyone Else" (Alle Anderen)

The International Feature Film Competition, which comes with a prize of €25,000, was won this year by German film director Maren Ade for her film ALLE ANDEREN, a film about a couple on holiday in Sardinia and about unfulfilled wishes and power games. Birgit Minichmayr and Lars Eidinger shine in the main roles as Gitti and Chris. The leading characters' fear of responsibility and of their own feelings reflects their emotional lack of direction. An intimate love story that x-rays the depths of a personal relationship and, as a film, relies wholly on the subtle and moving skills of the actors. Like Ms Ade's debut film DER WALD VOR LAUTER BÄUMEN takes a simple outgoing situation and turns it into a multilayered story with poignant effect.

German actress Franziska Petri, Swedish film director Maria von Heland and Italian festival administrator Paola Paoli who formed the international jury and who were highly impressed by the form and aesthetic spectrum of all the competition entries, explained their decision as follows …

A wonderfully produced film, perfectly acted and as entertaining as it is intelligent. That oldest of all stories – love – is told with immense honesty, courage and passion. By focussing on a seemingly normal couple and proceeding gently in a subtle narrative style, the film allows the viewers to ask questions about their own ability to love and about the values that society holds. We see our own world with new eyes.