Audience Award

Marianne Chaud
Himalaya, a Path to the Sky

In the course of the International Women’s Film Festival 2009 the Audience Award endowed with 1,000 Euros will be made available by Ruhr-Magazine 'trailer'.

The winner 2009 was HIMALAYA, A PATH TO THE SKY, directed by Marianne Chaud, the first person to receive the new AUDIENCE PRIZE.

A Buddhist monastery in the peaks of the Himalayas is home to child monks as well as adult. The eight-year-old Kenrap, for instance, was placed in the monastery by his parents — at his own request when he was still only five. Once a year, all the monks make a pilgrimage down to the villages. Instead of solemn pilgrims, though, we encounter cheerful little brats who display much wit and affection.

Kindly donated by trailer-Ruhr, a cinema listings website, the €1,000 prize was presented Sunday evening to the film's editor Françoise Berger Garnault. Votes, by the way, could be cast for any film longer than fifty minutes showing at the festival and made between 2006 and 2009.