Film education

Garcons manques
Germany 2007, Director: Susan Gordanshekan

Film School: Learning to Understand Film

Film festivals specialise in working with motion pictures. They provide a platform for the research and evaluation of ongoing traditional film creativity on the one hand and, on the other, an overview of latest developments in the film producing world. It is these skills that make the festivals the perfect partners in the field of film studies – both for schools and young people interested in film on an extra-curricular basis.

With its unique range of offers, Dortmund|Cologne International Women's Film Festival enables age-appropriate encounters with a medium that moulds and influences the perceptions of children and young adults like no other. The main idea here is film and media competence, and the films screened in the School Film Programme come in tandem with discussions in which media educationalists and film industry specialist give background information about content, form and production context as well as answering the questions put by the school students.

Not only that. During the festival as a whole, up to 16 girls (from the age of 16) will have the possibility to attend the Girls' Focus part of the Film Workshop to check out career opportunities in the film sector, watch films together, swap opinions about their own work and get to know women experts from all over the world. Film directing, script writing, editing, photography, lighting … there's no shortage of work for women behind the camera!