International Women's Film Festival Network

The International Women’s Film Festival Network (IWFFN) was conceived at the Dortmund | Cologne International Women’s Film Festival in 2012 and is housed at the Athena Film Festival. It was created to support and promote women’s voices, visions and leadership, both onscreen and behind the scenes.

The Network will strive to amplify the visibility of women filmmakers, more prominently showcase their work across the globe, and demonstrate that audiences attend films about women and girls.
In recent years as distribution methods are changing, the film festival circuit has become even more crucial to the success of a film. By working in collaboration, the Network will expand and enhance the importance of women’s film festivals and will encourage filmmakers and distributors to premiere and screen their films at these festivals.

The Network is creating a database of women’s film festivals and is serving as a forum for members to exchange knowledge and expertise.

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