Dortmund und China - a Cultural Exchange on Film

Morning in Guangzhou
GER| CHINA 2009, 23', Director: Conny Beißler

Two women, two countries. While Fu Qiong uses her camera to discover Dortmund, Conny Beissler records a day in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong (Canton) Province.

The Chinese director made her way here in 2008 to film Dortmund. From the former miner to the present-day artist and from Dortmund Borussia FC to the Hoesch Museum … Fu Qiong succeeds with her Faces: Dortmund documentary in capturing the history and transformation of a place via its inhabitants. A good-humoured portrait of a town in the heart of the Ruhr seen from the perspective of a Chinese woman.

In return, film-maker Conny Beissler accompanies three individuals going about their everyday routine in her documentary: Morgen in Guangzhou (Morning in Guangzhou). In the process, she succeeds in tracking the social transformation of China as exemplified by the people of the Cantonese capital.

The two films came about in 2008 within the framework of the Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together programme, a series of events organised by the Federal Republic of Germany in China. The two directors can thus celebrate the German première of their films in Dortmund. As such, the festival at its Dortmund branch refers back to the extensive Focus on China programme highlighting the work of Chinese women film-makers at the 2008 edition of the festival in Cologne.

Faces: Dortmund
Director: Fu Qiong, GER/China 2009, 45 min.

Morgen in Guangzhou
Director: Conny Beißler, GER/China 2009, 23 min.