Video installations – of surveillance cameras and webcams

Installation by Tatjana Matvejeva

Video surveillance in public spaces has become taken for granted. In the course of an installation by Tatiana Matvejeva – which is entitled Verschwinden or Disappearing – a surveillance camera will film our comings and goings in the stairway area of the Festival Centre and transmit the pictures to a monitor. If passers-by then stop to look, they will trigger a delete mechanism and disappear. If, however, they move again, they become all present and correct. The idea is this. In today's digital world, we leave tracks behind us. Those who don't leave any traces are not existent for others.

Michaela Schwentner's Bellevue is based on webcam footage of the Grossglockner, Austria's highest mountain, filmed over a period of nine months and finally compressed into a nine-minute video picture.