Workshop Discussion: Cinematography

Christine A. Maier

Sophie Maintigneux in conversation with Christine A. Maier

A chance to meet Chrsitine A. Maier, one of the few very busy cinematophraphers in Europe, as she explains what her work involves in a in-depth discussion baout her career. Attendees are sure to learn a great deal from her wealth of experience. The talk will be interspersed with film extracts and, of course and there will be ample oppertunity for questions from the floor. When you register for the talk, you will be given a film list to help preparation. The films can also be seen in the festival's video library.


Christine A. Maier was born 1969 in Graz. Studied cinematographer and motion film at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Has worked since 1996 as a cinematographer with various international film-makers. With Barbara Albert, for instance, she shot Somwhere Else and the award-winning Nordrand (North Edge). Working with Jasmila Žbanić, she stood behind the camera on the Golden Bear winner Grbavica(Esma's Secret) and Na putu(On the Path) which took part in the competition section  at the 201o Berlin International Film Festival and which is the opening film at this year's Dortmund | Cologne International Women's Film Festival.

Sophie Maintingneux has worked as a freelance cinematographer since 1984. In that process, she has collaborated with directors such as Eric Rohmer, Jean-Luc Godard, Michael Klier, Jan Schütte und Helga Reidemeister. Has worked as director of phography on more than 70 fiction feature films and documentaries. In addition to many other awards over the years, she received the German Camera Award in 2003 for Lilo Mangeldorff's Damen und Herren ab 65 (Ladies and Gentlemen over 65) and 2009 for Die dünnen Mädchen by Maria Teresa Camogliao. She has thaught cinematography at German Film & TV Academy Berlin (dffb) since the early1990s on a freelence basis and since 2003 as a tenured lecturer. She has sat five times on the jury for the Dortmund Award for Women Director's of Photography that takes place every two years as part of the Dortmund|Cologne International Women's Film Festival.