E for Exhaustion

Houses That Are Left
Shelly Silver, USA 1991

Excess is deemed excessive largely because it is followed by exhaustion. So does excess itself exhaust itself in the end? Does the euphorigenic effect of the excessive not eventually wear off? Or does that engagement move to the point of its own limits and beyond – in love, at work, for health, for a good cause – and operate in a grey area, in which excess and exhaustion ultimately predicate one another? In answer, our programme section shows works that approach this peculiar ambiguity at levels of content and style.

Thur., 11 April, 6.15 p.m., Schauburg
Houses That Are Left
Shelly Silver, USA 1991, 76’

Fri. 12 April, 6.15 p.m, Schauburg
Echoes of Death / Forever Young
Lydia Schouten, NL 1986, 15´

Kristin Lucas, USA 1997, 8´

Somewhere Only We Know
Jesse McLean, USA 2009, 5´

Restless Legs Saga
Shana Moulton, USA 2012, 8´

Marina Abramovic, From Tuesday to Friday
Ximena Cuevas, MEX 2012, 35´