Turkey/France/Germany 2012, Feature Film, 96’ | Director, Screenplay Pelin Esmer | DoP Ozgur Eken | Editor Ayhan Ergursel, Pelin Esmer | Sound Kasper Munck-Hansen, Marc Nouyrigat, Fréderic Théry | Cast Olgun Simsek, Nilay Erdonmez und andere | Production Sinefilm, Arizona Films, Bredock Film Production | World Sales Visit Films

»Once the watchtower and the bus station appeared in my mind, the characters appeared too. ... [The locations] are like my characters. They are temporary, transient places. They do not have a sense of belonging just like Seher and Nihat. Neither is home. They are safe, they are shelters yet places to be left. The Watchtower is the place where Nihat could watch rather than being watched; where he could hide from his story. And the small bus station along the road is the place where Seher could hide from hers and yet try to exist. It is a place of refuge, a cold, grey, noisy transit area where Seher is as transient as the passengers who stop for only a 15-minute break.
Pelin Esmer

A man and a woman seek refuge from the world: Nihat, haunted by guilt, finds it by working as a fire ranger in a remote watchtower in the forest; Seher, escaping her family, lives in a small room at a rural bus station where she works as a cafe waitress. Both fight their inner demons alone until their paths cross and they form an unusual relationship, an elective affinity, in the watchtower. Against a background of opulent nature photography, Pelim Esmer draws a picture of two persons who have been jettisoned by a strict patriarchal society – and of their attempts with one another to recover.

PELIN ESMER was born and raised in Istanbul, where she majored in sociology before attending the cinema workshop run by Yavuz Ozkan. Her first feature documentary Oyun (The Play, 2005) received many awards including Best New Documentary Film-maker Award at Tribeca Film Festival. Her first feature 10 to 11 also received many awards at various festivals around the world. Pelin Esmer has lectured on documentary film-making in Istanbul and in 2005 she founded her own film company, Sine Film, there. The directors of the world’s leading film festivals named her one of the most promising film directors in: Take 100: The Future of Film: 100 New Directors (Phaidon).

Films by Pelin Esmer
10 to 11
2009 | Oyun (The Play) 2005 | The Collector 2002

Awards for ›Watchtower‹
Best Director, Adana Golden Boll Film Festival 2002
Best Actress, Adana Golden Boll Film Festival 2002
Best Supporting Actress, Adana Golden Boll Film Festival 2002
Best Supporting Actor, Adana Golden Boll Film Festival 2002
Best Cinematography, Adana Golden Boll Film Festival 2002|-Kino-im-U/11-04-2013_17-30.html

Pelin Esmer
Türkei, Frankreich, Deutschland
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