National Competition for Women Directors of Photography

The Forest is like the Mountains (Preisträger 2014)
D/RO 2014, R: Christiane Schmidt, Didier Guillain, Bildgestaltung: Christiane Schmidt

Cinematographer, camera technician, director of photography – three terms for the one person who uses her camera as a tool to transfer on to substrate material what takes place in motion or presents itself statically before the lens.

The Dortmund | Cologne International Women's Film Festival has opted for an award aimed squarely at picture designers. For working with a camera and with light is not just a image recording routine but an active co-design process which demands interaction with the other jobs of set decor, costumes, make-up and location management. Even the actual decision as to specific film material, the use of filters or a special digital technique can substantially influence the final look of a film. Close-up size, image section, camera position and camera movement are all essential factors for the narrative discourse.
It is in this way that, following consultation between the director of photograph and the film director, the moving pictures can take on the quality of a narrative instance their own right.

The National Directors of Photography Award is endowed with prize money of  €5,000. We accept films of all lengths and genres (diploma films and films of the first two years after completion of studies).

More Information on the award winners 2014

2014: Bine Jankowski  Rebecca Christiane Schmidt The Forest is like the Mountains

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