Audience Award

Awardee 2014: Yael Reuveny
(photo: Guido Schiefer)

In the course of the International Women’s Film Festival 2014 the Audience Award endowed with 1,000 Euros will be made available by Magazine choices - kultur. kino. köln.

The Audience Award Prize 2014 was won by SCHNEE VON GESTERN / FAREWELL HERR SCHWARZ as directed by Yael Reuveny. FAREWELL HERR SCHWARTZ portrays two families in Israel and Germany who knew nothing of each other for years.

Previous award winners in Cologne:
2014: Yael Reuveny Farewell Herr Schwartz (DE/ISR) 
2012: Britta Wandaogo Nichts für die Ewigkeit (DE)
2010: Susan Muska und Gréta Oláfsdóttir Edie & Thea - A Very Long Engagement (USA)
2008: Kim Massee Cowboy Angels (F)
2006: Sarah Watt Look Both Ways (AUS)