Dir: Rammatik, Färöer 2014

Let Your Light Shine
Beyoncé, Vulva 3.0 and other top-rate film discoveries. Panorama showcases 45 new, challenging and entertaining films from 28 countries.

Fiction, documentary, essay, avant-garde, experimental films and all the shorter formats: there are no formal restrictions on the Panorama Section and all lengths of movie are welcome. This year, 13 long films and 32 short to medium-length films are on view, including a good few premières for Germany.

In the course of the selection process, it is the attitude of the women film-makers, the way they represent people in their films and the effect so generated that play an important role. Yet even though the Panorama section attempts to do full justice to the variety of artistic forms of expression, documentary and experimental films are given some priority.

The films