The Films

The Magnetic Tree
Dir: Isabel Ayguavives, ES/CL 2013

Films in competition

Des Etoiles
(Under the Starry Sky)
D: Dyana Gaye, F/SEN 2013, 88’, German première
The film traces the different migration experiences of three members of a Senegalese-born family. Shuttling between Turin, New York and Dakar, the protagonists look for work and fulfilment or both. Ms Gaye navigates her characters through the venues economically and humorously. Although the complications and huge demands of life in migration are palpable, the characters lose neither their resilience nor their sense of humour.

Los insólitos peces gato
(The Amazing Catfish)
D: Claudia Sainte-Luce, MEX 2013, 89’, German première
Claudia, a lonely young woman, becomes the nurse and confidante of Martha, the seriously ill but strong mother of four children. With this unusual, autobiographically tinged debut, as filmed by Agnès Godard, Claudia Sainte-Luce succeeds in creating is a joyous and moving tragicomedy.

El árbol magnético
(The Magnetic Tree)
D: Isabel Ayguavives, ES/CL 2013, 85’, German première
After years living in Germany, Bruno returns to Chile. He visits his family in the countryside, whose members have met up for a merry if sentimental farewell party. The beloved country house, a magical place that evokes many fond memories, is up for sale. Ms Ayguavives narrates poetically and humorously of the sense of security and confinement that family relationships entail.

La Plaga
(The Plague)
D: Neus Ballús, ES 2013, 84’
The film uses the short-cuts principle to accompany five fascinating protagonists who live on the outskirts of Barcelona in rural Catalonia. It’s a hot summer and a plague of insects is ruining the harvest. In an impressive hybrid pitched between documentary and fiction, #Neus Ballús observes in meticulous detail the everyday routines put in by amateur actors while saying a lot about Spain and, ultimately, Europe.

Le sens de l’humour
(Sense of Humor)
D: Marilyne Canto, F 2013, 88’, German première
Elise, a museum worker lives alone with Leo, her 10-year-old son. Her husband long dead and gone, her affair with Paul is somehow stuck in chaos. She vacillates between an attraction to Paul and the need to dump him. For their parts, Paul and Leo get on very well indeed. And then Elise gets pregnant! Actress Marilyne Canto directs with clarity and succinctness to show the difficulties of creating a relationship when one is no longer twenty.

D: Eva Pervolovici, RUS/F 2013, 82’
Marussia lives with her mother Lucia in Paris. Since they arrived from Moscow, they have constantly been on the move. But when they are kicked out of their current accommodation, the situation worsens and homeless they wander with their rolling suitcases through the city in search of a place to stay. Lucia, however, is determined not to let things get her down.

Matei Copil Miner
(Matei Child Miner)
D: Alexandra Gulea, RO/D/F 2013, 80’, German première
The eleven-year-old Matei lives with his grandfather because the parents are working in Italy. After an argument, he drops out of school and runs away. Alexandra Gulea finds beautiful, tranquil images and humour even in the darkest moments. Unsentimentally, she tells Matei’s story as illustrative for the many children in Romania who, due to the force of circumstances, grow up without parents.

D: Katharina Mückstein, A 2013, 75’
Katharina Mückstein gives us the story of an awkward rapprochement between the teenager Jasmin, who has grown up with foster parents, and her mother Eva (Nina Proll) who is attempting to get back on the rails after a sojourn in prison. To nourish her insatiable longing for closeness, Jasmin brings on a weekend break with Eva.