Virtuos Virtuell

Germany 2013, Animation, 7’ | Director, Animation Maja Oschmann, Thomas Stellmach | Music Louis Spohr, Till Mertens | Production Thomas Stellmach | Distribution Thomas Stellmach Animation

Maja Oschmann and Thomas Stellmach use Virtuos Virtuell to illustrate the overture to the opera The Alchymist by the composer Louis Spohr. Following a secret choreography, the abstract ink drawings narrate a story seemingly laid out in the music.

Maja Oschmann studied drawing at Kassel University of Applied Sciences & Arts and was awarded an Otto Braun scholarship. In 2009, she founded a private school of drawing and, since 2010, she has also taught at Kassel University of Applied Sciences & Arts. Thomas Stellmach is animation director, producer, author and animator. He studied animation at UAS&A. Among many international awards, he received in 1997 the Academy Award (Oscar) for the stop-motion film Quest.

Maja Oschmann, Thomas Stellmach