Quella che cammina
(Dir: Eli Cortiñas, Ger 2014)

The 2015 festival edition's focus is COMFORT. The desire for comfort or convenience is an understandable human urge, as is the intention to improve your own standard of living and that of your children. But as the gap between rich and poor continues to widen, just 1% of the world population will own 50% of the world's wealth by 2016. The degree to which natural resources are being exploited is similarly dramatic. So what does it all cost ultimately? And who pays for the affluence, the comfort and the good life enjoyed by people living in the better-off societies? Meanwhile, a sense of discomfort with this ongoing consumption is also growing. At the festival, then, the documentary films in particular will be exposing the everyday schizophrenia at length and addressing the existential questions of our time with clarity and compassion.

Work comes before comfort. So under what conditions do we work and/or do business? And how does it all specifically affect the situation of women? We will be taking a special look at the Ruhr, one identifying feature of which has always been work.

As we search for positive (role) models, it might be a good idea to look at the designs on utopia that history has brought. Focus: COMFORT will be presenting a selection of 80 films in all genres – from the short video clip, advert and essay to the fuller-length feature or documentary film. Films new and vintage will enter into a dialogue under the strapline of COMFORT, looking for reasons as to why it might be worthwhile to turn away from consumer madness and reflect instead on the … uncomfortable.

Material for many a discussion with numerous German and international women film-makers and artists whose film creativity the festival will once again be celebrating in Dortmund from 14 to 19 April.

Film Programs:

Life's a Bitch
No More Comfort
Broken Landscapes
Dreams Rewired
9 to 5
Ruhr local
Silent movies by Rosa Porten
Imaging an Image
The All-Nighter
Always Together