Always Together

Always Together
(Dir: Monique Nolte, NL 2014)

How do we want to live? How should we live? The family as such is still the bedrock of society and regarded as the highest ideal of Living Together. Yes, it can be a place of comfort but sometimes you want to leave it or have to escape from it. Either way, the family is the stuff that dramas are made of!

Thur. 16.4., 6.15 p.m, Schauburg 2, Tickets
Het beste voor Kees
Monique Nolte, NL 2014, 87‘

Thur. 16.4., 8.15 p.m. Uhr, Kino im U, Tickets
Die Katastrophe
Leni Fischer, Ger 1930, 5‘
Always Together
Eva Tomanova, CZ 2014, 77’

Sat. 18.4., 11 a.m., Schauburg 2, Tickets
Ich denke oft an Hawaii
Elfi Mikesch, Ger 1978, 85’

Sun. 19.4., 2 p.m., Schauburg 2, Tickets
Wir können nicht den hellen Himmel träumen
Carmen Tartarotti, Ger 2014, 92‘ *
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*Q&A with the director