The Films

No Home Movie
Dir: Chantal Akerman, 2015

Panorama featurelength films

Fiction Feature, GR 2015, 104‘, Dir: Athina Rachel Tsangari
Six well-off men cross the Aegean Sea on a luxury yacht. To pass the time while moored in a harbour during a technical breakdown, they decide to play a game: each of the men's behaviour, however trivial, is rated by the rest of the group. The prize: to leave the boat as »the best man«, wearing a trophy ring, the chevalier, as proof.
In association with Filmpalette Köln Kunstfilmkino
Thu 21.04., 7 pm, Filmpalette, get tickets at

Something Better to Come
Documentary, DNK/POL 2014, 105‘, Dir: Hanna Polak
Svalka is Europe's biggest waste dump: a fenced-in, heavily guarded area some 13 kilometres from Moscow and the Kremlin. This surreal-looking, hostile environment is home to people who have nowhere else to go. Including Yula: 12 years old, pretty, and despite everything full of hope and dreams. She smokes, drinks vodka, and wants to lead a normal life.
Fr 22.04., 10.15 pm, Odeon, tickets

Standing Tall
Fiction Feature, FR 2015, 120‘, Dir: Emmanuelle Bercot
Malony is verbally and physically abusive, he fights the authorities. A tough case for the French juvenile justice system. From an early age, Malony does not fit in. Florence, an almost retired youth court judge, and social worker Yann, who is from a difficult background himself, accompany the teenager and eventually send him to a juvenile detention centre.
Sat 23.04., 8.15 pm, Filmforum, tickets

The Dreamed Ones
Fiction Feature, AUT 2016, Dir: Ruth Beckermann
Almost 25 years of powerful, eloquent correspondence between Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan lasted until his suicide in 1970. 260 pages long, a direct insight into an intoxicating, complex and painful relationship. The two young actors Anja Plaschg and Laurence Rupp in The Dreamed Ones read the dialogue between the two great voices of German poetry.
Sat 23.04., 4 pm, Odeon, tickets

Who‘s Afraid of Sibylle Berg?
Documentary, DE 2015, 84‘, Dir: Wiltrud Baier, Sigrun Köhler
Sibylle Berg, celebrated novelist, playwright and columnist known for her provocations and the sharpness of her comments, loves to dissect the realities of middle-class life. She has a reputation for being flamboyant and brilliant, but many people, who revile her as a »preacher of hatred on behalf of singleton society« or a »scaremonger« take offence at her cutting rhetoric.
Guests: Wiltrud Baier, Sigrun Köhler
Fr 22.04., 8.15 pm, Filmforum, tickets


Short Film Programme: Double Journey
Sun 24.04., 1.30 pm, Filmpalette, tickets

Spirit Away
Short Film, DE 2015, 6‘, R: Betina Kuntzsch
The animated documentary uses original 35-mm animated film loops for laterna magica from around 1900, in other words, drawn and sometimes rotoscoped films from the lifetime of the artists who had been diagnosed as mentally ill and were locked away in a sanatorium.
Guest: Betina Kuntzsch

Short Film, DE 2015, 29‘, Dir: Alex Gerbaulet
The central theme is Gerbaulet's family history, which is brought to life by records from the family's private archives. A film that analyses and imagines.
Guest: Alex Gerbaulet

Ella Maillart - Double Journey
Documentary, CH 2015, 40‘, Dir: Mariann Lewinsky, Antonio Bigini
It's the summer of 1939 and the French writer Ella Maillart travels to Asia with her friend Annemarie Schwarzenbach. Ella wants to make a film and help Annemarie kick her drug habit.

Short Film Programme: In the Future
Sun 24.04., 3 pm, Filmforum, tickets

Monitoring Sea Borders
Short Film, DE 2015, 9‘, Dir: Susanna Schoenberg
By definition, a »border« is real when it is crossed. The external borders of the European Union are controlled by a complex system consisting of visualisation equipment, automated installations and communication devices. 
Guest: Susanna Schoenberg

In the Future They Ate From the Finest Porcelain
Short Film, PSE/DNK/GB/QAT 2015, 29‘, Dir: Larissa Sansour
A self-titled »narrative resistance group« buries the finest porcelain they claim belonged to an entirely fictional civilisation. The group's aim is to influence history and make a claim for its vanishing land.

Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Short Film, FIN 2015, 13‘, Dir: Hanna Hovitie

Achat is seven years old when her parents send her from the Congo to France and give her up for adoption in Paris. After her adoptive mother dies, a nightmare begins as Achat falls victim to abuse and child trafficking.

Le Park
Short Film, FR 2015, 14‘, Dir: Randa Maroufi

The camera glides through a deserted amusement park in Casablanca where youngsters are killing time. Maroufi portrays the teenagers in tableaux vivants.
Guest: Randa Maroufi

Short Film Programme: Talk to me
Fr 22.04., 9.30 pm, Filmpalette, tickets

Crystal Lake
Short Film, USA 2016, 20‘, Dir: Jennifer Reeder
A group of young girls take over a skate park. Behind the big fence that surrounds the concrete field around the half pipes, they have created their own realm.

Documentary, POL 2015, 9‘, Dir: Katarzyna Gondek
The outline of a figure emerges from a kind of snowstorm. Dust blends with the white matter that descends as work is carried out on a gigantic sculpture, which will soon find its place of honour in a village community. It's being dismantled for transportation.

Talk to me
Documentary, POL 2015, 45‘, Dir: Marta Prus
Actually Marta Prus wants to shoot a documentary about the young men in Monar rehabilitation centre in Warsaw.
Guest: Marta Prus