Light Years
(GB 2015, Dir: Esther May Campbell)

So near yet so far... The films in this series present very different forms of emancipation. The protagonists often discover their direct environment is the one they know the least. Decisions they make as the logical consequence of a no longer tolerable situation are considered drastic by outsiders. But they react vigorously and defiantly to the incomprehension, disapproval and opposition of their environment. Sometimes, adopting a new role is simply unavoidable.

Wed 05.04., 6.15 p.m., Schauburg
Light Years
Feature film, GB 2015, 90‘, Dir: Esther May Campbell

Fri 07.04., 8.30 p.m., Schauburg
The Priestess Walks Alone
Documentary movie, TWN 2016, 54' , Dir: Hui-chen Huang
Fan Fan
Feature film, TWN 2015, 30', Dir: Chia-Hsin Liu

Fri 07.04., 9 p.m., Kino im U
Chemi bednieri ojakhi (My Happy Family)
Feature film, GEO/DE 2017, 120‘, Dir: Nana & Simon

Sun 09.04., 1 p.m., Schauburg
A Young Girl in Her Nineties
Documentary movie, F 2016, 85’, Dir: Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Yann Coridian