International Feature Film Competition

God Exists, Her Name is Petrunya
(D: Teona Strugar Mitevska, MK / BE / SI / HR / FR 2019)

When the International Feature Film Competition for Women Directors was launched in 2005, the focus was on acknowledging and raising the profile of women directors who had already made their mark with a number of films and whose style, narrative form and stance had gained recognition. Because for decades, the number of female film-makers represented at international festivals was shockingly low. Thanks to numerous initiatives by colleagues all over the world and the tailwind of #metoo, the situation has improved significantly.

Within a few years, the new opportunities that have arisen have already positively impacted film production. The prize for Best Feature Film is being awarded in Dortmund for the eighth time. It is a delight to see how much clout these films − even the quieter ones – possess. There is a remarkably wide variety of genres and stories ranging from strongly documentational narratives to bitter satire, from science fiction to experimental dance film. Their topics revolve around family ties, escape and identity politics, but they also present an astonishingly sharp critique of capitalism and patriarchism.

Eight new international feature films are competing for the €15,000 prize, including one German première. The prize is divided between the director (€5,000) and the German distributor (€10,000) with the aim of promoting film distribution in Germany.

The award will be decided by an international jury

Previous award winners:
2019: Teona Strugar Mitevska GOD EXISTS, HER NAME IS PETRUNYA (MK/BE/SI/HR/FR 2019)
2017: Delphine and Muriel Coulin VOIR DU PAYS (FR 2016)
2015: Naomi Kawase STILL THE WATER (JP/ES/FR 2014)
2013: Małgorzata Szumoska IN THE NAME OF... (PL 2012)
2011: Athina Rachel Tsangari ATTENBERG (GR 2010)
2009: Maren Ade ALLE ANDEREN (DE 2009)
2007: Andrea Arnold RED ROAD (GB 2006)
2005: Keren Yedaya OR (MY TREASURE) (IL 2004)