The Film All-Nighter & Performances

Hair Wolf
(USA 2018, D: Mariama Diallo)

Short films around the theme of animals, music videos and the performance LEIBEINSPEISE – Intermission Diary by Anna-Lena Meisenberg. The animal in humans or humans in animals. Why does panda Meng Meng only walk backwards? The laryngeal call of the wilderness, a dog ballet, mechanical tunicates. A white vampire in a black hair salon. How can you tell it's a man/woman at first glance? Pull faces at each other. Melt away. Metamorphose. It's party time at our cult event, the Film All-Nighter!

Fr, 12.04., 19.30 Uhr, domicil

Welcome Visitors!
ZA 2017, 10', D: Penny Siopis

Call of the Wild
Found-footage video, DE 2017, 4', D: NEOZOON

Hair Wolf
USA 2018, 12', D: Mariama Diallo

DE 2018, 8', D: Lisa Domin
Q&A with Lisa Domin

Panda Moonwalk or Why Meng Meng Walks Backwards
DE 2018, 8', D: Kerstin Honeit
Q&A with Kerstin Honeit

Pirate Boys
DE 2018, 13', D: Pol Merchan 

Sapology – Fashion Meets Culture**
Video première

I’m Not the Girl Who Misses Much
Musikvideo, CH 1986, 8', D: Pipilotti Rist


LEIBEINSPEISE – Intermission Diary
Performance by Anna-Lena Meisenberg

Wie erkenne ich einen Mann/eine Frau auf den ersten Blick?
DE 2018, 7', D: Rike Suhr

The Non-Toed Fur-Coatie
DE 2010, 3', D: NEOZOON

Deep Inside
Music video, FR 2005, 7', D: Camille Henrot

Music video, USA/GB 2018, 4', D: Sophie & Aaron Chan

Too Strong for Fantasy
MX 2018, 2', D: Liza Ambrossio

Anthony Roth Costanzo – Handel: Flavio, HWV 16 – Rompo i Lacci
Music video, USA 2018, 6’, D: Tilda Swinton & Sandro Kopp

**Video Première Sapology – Fashion Meets Culture 
La Sape is all about dressing in extravagant smart apparel. The sapeur's elegant appearance and expensive clothing stand in stark contrast to his personal circumstances. La Sape evolved as a protest movement in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, in the 1960s and still emanates to many parts of the world today. Leonel Cassule and Bath Kanza shared their knowledge about sapology with style and attitude. Choreography and costumes were developed in a workshop and used to film a sape-style music video as an experiment and public space intervention. 

Carried out by the Labor für sensorische Angelegenheiten e.V. and Paradise Park – Hochschule Düsseldorf - Peter Behrens School of Arts, promoted by Kulturbüro Stadt Dortmund.


Fr. 12. April, domicil ab 22.30 Uhr, admission free

Kornelia Binicewicz on the Turntables
Kornelia Binicewicz (Ladies on Records) is a Polish curator and a record collector. She has moved to Istanbul some years ago in order to explore music created and performed by Turkish women. In her musical journey she focuses on Turkish female music and female singers from '60s, '70s and '80s.