Finally Back on the Silver Screen

Die Puppe (The Doll)
DE 1919, D: Ernst Lubitsch

Illusion, camouflage and masquerade have been key elements of film comedy since the early days of cinema. They make it possible to remove the boundaries of and humorously question bodies, spaces and identities. The comedians in our series use mimicry to rebel enthusiastically against existing structures and to create a space that satisfies their own needs and desires.

Sat 13 April, 12 pm, Kino im U
Die Puppe (The Doll)
Feature film, DE 1919, 68', D: Ernst Lubitsch, with: Ossi Oswalda, coulored, silent 

A bachelor who doesn't want to get married, a dowry that will only be paid out after the marriage has been consummated and a doll that isn't actually a doll – illusionist Ernst Lubitsch and the magnificent Ossi Oswalda celebrate the comic value of supposedly inanimate bodies in a cheerfully anarchic and Méliès'-like manner. 
Silent film accompaniment: Eunice Martins

Sun 14 April, 1.30 pm, Kino im U
Die Republik der Backfische (The Republic of Flappers)
Feature film, DE 1928, 75', D: Constantin J. David, with: Käthe von Nagy, silent 

Billie lives in the Argentinian pampa and is an expert lasso thrower and markswoman. She's sent off to finishing school to learn good manners, but she rebels and encourages her classmates to misbehave too. When she's eventually dismissed from school, Billie and her young friends set up „The Republic of Flappers” on a remote island.
Silent film accompaniment: Eunice Martins