Die Puppe

Germany 1919, 68', Silent film
Ernst Lubitsch
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The young Lancelot is a confirmed bachelor and suitably shocked when his uncle, Baron de Chanterelle, decides it’s time for him to get married. Lancelot runs away and ends up in a monastery where he can be sure he won’t meet any women. But the monks turn out to be greedy characters and persuade Lancelot to enter into a sham marriage in return for a generous dowry. And who could fit the bride bill better than a wind-up doll? What Lancelot doesn’t know is that his doll is replaced by the doll maker’s high-spirited daughter Ossi because of a mishap shortly before the ceremony. Ossi takes great pleasure in the masquerade and doesn’t behave like a doll at all...

Illusionist Ernst Lubitsch and the magnificent Ossi Oswalda celebrate the comic value of supposedly inanimate bodies in a cheerfully anarchic manner and with Méliès’-style charm, making joyous fun of the bourgeois ideal of the domesticated wife who is not supposed to fall out of line. (MS)

Ernst Lubitsch
Silent film
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