The Films

The Sea Runs Thru My Veins R: Zara Zandieh

Being Impossible
Feature film, VE/CO 2018, 89’, D: Patricia Ortega
Patricia Ortega's impressive feature film tells the story of Ariel, born as an intersexual baby. In powerful, metaphorical images, the film channels the emotional circumstances of Ariel, who learns to assert the story of her body and her own desires as the story unfolds. A highly relevant, touching film about social taboos regarding non-binary bodies.

Las Hijas del Fuego
Feature film, AR 2018, 115’, D: Albertina Carri
The feature film by Albertina Carri is a lesbian-feminist road movie. A couple set off on a journey together with another woman. Against a backdrop of beautiful landscapes, they explore themselves and their lust and invite more and more women to join them. The result is a porn film that also poses the question of when pictures become pornographic images.

Supporting film:
Foodgasm #2
Experimental, DE 2018, 1’, D: Florence Freitag

Queer Genius
Documentary, USA 2019, 116’, D: Chet Pancake
The point where (feminist) art history ends is where this documentary begins. It’s an exciting and unusual portrait of a woman artist: the film presents five queer female artists in experimental episodes – including Barbara Hammer and Rasheedah Phillips – who all work with very different materials and media.

The Cancer Journals Revisited
Documentary, USA 2018, 98’, D: Lana Lin
Lana Lin's documentary is a reunion with black, lesbian, feminist poet Audre Lorde. 27 women artists and activists read Audre Lorde's legendary "Cancer Journals" diary from queer-of-colour perspectives and re-stage it as a document of a queer-feminist speaking of sickness, pain and finality.
In collaboration with the LAG Lesben in NRW

Seahorse – The Dad Who Gave Birth
Documentary, GB 2019, 89’, D: Jeanie Finlay
Jeanie Finlay’s documentary is about masculinity, body and birth. How does it feel to carry a child as a trans man? The protagonist is confronted with his own ideas and those of others about gender assignments and parenthood. Then, with courage and passion, he decides to go for pregnancy and all its challenges.

Supporting film:
Tell Me Nothing from the Horse, Season 2 (Homosexuality)
Webvideo, DE 2019, 4’, with Thelma Buabeng


A lesbian-feminist trilogy on boundaries, landscape and the body:
Tell Me When You Die
Experiment, USA/CO 2015, 12’, D: Amber Bemak, Nadia Granados
Experimental, USA/CO 2017, 14’, D: Amber Bemak, Nadia Granados
Goodbye Fantasy
Experimental, USA/CO/MX 2018, 15’, D: Amber Bemak, Nadia Granados


The Sea Runs Thru My Veins
Experimental, DE 2018, 21’, D: Zara Zandieh
When the Androgynous Child
Experimental, DE/AR 2019, 9’, D: Melina Pafundi
Guest: Melina Pafundi
Between My Flesh and the World’s Fingers
Experimental, USA 2018, 31’, D: Talena Sanders
Experimental, CA 2018, 11’, D: Dani Tardif
Zurura Zurura
Experimental, BE 2019, 19’, D: Marthe Djilo Kamga, Frieda Ekotto