“Gender Light” Lecture & Workshop with Therese Andersson

Therese Andersson, Katja Rivas Pinzon

- cancelled -

In their lecture accompanied by a practical workshop, acclaimed head lighting designer Therese Andersson and the cinematographer Katja Rivas Pinzon will discuss the topic “Gender Light”. In lighting for film and TV productions the common practice is to light each short separately and to set the light differently for women than for men, especially for closeups. This standard approach on set anchors the topic of gender and light in an ideological context of clichéd roles and power structures. But how can these clichés be broken down? Where do these conventions stem from, and which rules do they follow? Andersson and Pinzon set out in search of patterns inherent to the lighting of film heroines and discuss the politics of power in the field of film lighting.

In collaboration with ifs internationale filmschule köln, the CINEMATOGRAPHINNEN - WOMEN CINEMATOGRAPHERS NETWORK and Maier Bros. GmbH