Festival 2020

(Photo: Julia Reschucha)

Dear Festival Guests,

The International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund | Cologne is celebrating the dawn of the “Roaring Twenties” by showing numerous German premières and début films. With the introduction of two new awards and a brand-new film section, we are focusing on young talent – and doing so in Cologne, a city that for many young film-makers is a springboard into their professional career.

This Festival acts as an empowering force, because cinema in the form of great, intelligent films encourages us to take our own self-determined paths. This year we want to pay special tribute to the visual force of cinema, with a focus on cinematography. Ultimately, camera work plays a crucial role in supporting the perspective from which a story is told. As a Festival that specialises in films by female directors, we take questions of influence and the balance of power very seriously. This produces a film programme whose diversity is what makes this Festival so special. This diversity requires dialogue. So we have a range of special programmes to offer personal opportunities for discussions with female directors and cultural professionals.

Dialogue, diversity, empowerment – these are the three cornerstones of IWFF Dortmund | Cologne.

Enjoy the festival!