Under/over the Burqa (Ispod/preko burke)

Bosnia and Herzegovina 2008, Experimental, 6' | Director, Realization Leila Cmajcanin

One person under a burqa and the text: "Imagine a huge dark piece of cloth hung over your entire body like you were a shameful statue."

Leila Čmajčanin's Under/over the Burqa is the last in a series of works inspired by Eve Ensler's monologue entitled Under the Burqa. In 1997, Čmajčanin had been involved in a performance of the Vagina Monologues at the PitchWise Festival in Sarajevo. In 2008, she was invited by Alma Suljević to present an edited video recording of the performance at the 10m2 gallery in Sarajevo.


LEILA CMAJCANIN studied at the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts. Was a co-founder of the Visionary Society group of artists, of which she remained a member from 2005 to 2007. Her works have been shown at numerous festivals and exhibitions.

Leila Cmajcanin
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Experimental, Short Film
Focus: Around the Balkans