Dortmund|Cologne IWFF @Rwanda Film Festival 2013

Romeo Umulisa (Festival Director), Sonja Hofmann (Dortmund|Cologne IWFF), Eric Kabera (Director Kwetu Film Institute Kigali), cultural ataché USA, Conny Beißler (DoP, Cologne)

Sonja Hofmann (freelance curator) and Conny Beißler (DoP) arrived in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, on Monday.

On Tuesday, they took part in the opening press conference for the 9th edition of the Rwanda Film Festival. Sonja Hofmann is going to present Germany as the festival's country focus with a film programme. Conny Beißler is going to give a 5-day workshop for young women filmmakers.

The complete festival programme can be found here.
Further info: Rwanda Film Festival

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