I cannot believe we are still protesting!

5th Discussion on the status of women in film business and gender equity on the occasion of the 67th Berlin International Film Festival.

Where are we coming from?
Where do we stand?
What should be the next steps?

We are experiencing a very powerful moment in the gender equity movement worldwide. Our work in the film and media industry is taking place during the last 40 years and in this 5th edition of our discussion we like to acknowledge the engagement of organisations and individuals who were active in this time frame, who are able to share results and to analize the changes that were brought to the film and the media industry. However of course, the Panel is not only to talk about the past, but how the past affects where we are now and more important what are the next steps.

This year's panellists are valuable voices in this conversation to discuss about production, financing, representation of women on screen, women in film organizations, film markets, distribution and research. We cannot believe we are still protesting but we are. To give value to the fight we went through, to protect the achievements we conquer and to keep aiming towards complete equality.

Malte Krückels (State Secretary for Media and Representative of the Free State of Thuringia for Federal Affairs), Petra Müller (CEO, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW), Silke J. Räbiger (Festival Director, Dortmund | Cologne IWFF), Mariel Maciá (Event Manager, Dortmund | Cologne IWFF)

Case Study
“Sarajevo Conference Declaration and Eurimages Gender Equality - Recommendation Working Group” Iris Zappe-Heller (Deputy Director, Representative to Eurimages, Head of Gender Department, Austrian Film Institute)

“Evolution of gender equity in the film industry during the last 40 years and what should be the next steps”.
Julia Beerhold (Actress, Board of the German Actors Guild BFFS), Christine Berg (Chief Operation Officer (COO) of German Federal Film Board), Iris Zappe-Heller (Deputy Director, Representative to Eurimages, Head of Gender Department, Austrian Film Institute), Sydney Levine (Entertainment Consultant, USA), Alessia Sonaglioni (Director, EWA European Women´s Audiovisual Network)
Moderator - Skadi Loist (Researcher for Media Studies, University of Rostock, Germany) 

Admission by invitation only, Please RSVP for your invitation at: reception-iwffn [at] frauenfilmfestival.eu

We are celebrating the 5th networkmeeting in Berlin. A new booklet with the results, infos and pictures of the last 5 year is ready for download.

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