Brochure of the 5th annual international meeting of women in film and media

This year the discussion on the status of women in film business and gender equity will take place for the fifth time. The brochure provides an overview of the past events, reports on the intitiatives and summarizes results.

In 2012 the Dortmund|Cologne International Women's Film Festival invited representatives of various international film festivals, film events, media organizations and networks to discuss the projects and activities of women in film business. After this event, there was a desire to network and to cooperate internationally. The International Women's Film Festival Network (, in which more than 50 women's film festivals are organised today, is the result of this idea.

2013 then the starting shot. At the initiative of the Dortmund|Cologne International Women's Film Festival and the Athena Film Festival New York, more than 200 filmmakers from different parts of the world met for the first time during the Berlinale to discuss the situation of women in the film and media business.

Download brochure.

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