Performances at International Women's Film Festival

„Up in Arms“ by Anna-Maria Nabirye and Annie Saunders

Aliens in knitted cocoons, liquid bodies in a test tube and a piece of live art as a social practise - three different performances at the festival.

Obvioulsy She's Looking For Someone by artist Susanne Dilger

Bizarre creatures will be at large in Dortmund's city centre. Trapped in a knitted cocoon, these aliens will stand motionless in the city's pedestrian zone. The person behind all of this is the Marburg artist Susanne Dilger. The intervention connects a number of key elements from her work.

Thur 11 April & Sat 13 April, each day 11-1 pm & 3-5 pm, Dortmund city center


LEIBEINSPEISE - Intermissions Diary by Anna-Lena Meisenberg (part of the Film All-Nighter)

With multimedia installation performances the artist addresses the topics of space, the body and questions of identity.

„I’d like to pick you up and see you melt. The dissolving of your form should expose and deform you. Suddenly you’d be liquid in a test tube and I’d have to observe you through a microscope.“

Fr 12 April, 7.30 pm (start of the Film All-Nighter, performance after the break), domicil


Up in Arms by Anna-Maria Nabirye and Annie Saunders

The artists Anna-Maria Nabirye and Annie Saunders present their new multi-disciplinary work, Up in Arms, a new way to make space for conversation in our increasingly divided world. Using ritual, photography and immersive theatre practice to create intimate conversation and radical social change, Up in Arms is a culmination of the artists’ work as activists, creative collaborators, black and white women respectively, and friends.

The Performance is part of a programme curated by Noor Afshan Mirza, who was given a curational carte blanche by the festival.

Sat 13 April, 4 pm, Kino im U 

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