Finally Back on the Silver Screen

The Republic of Flappers (DE 1928, D: Constantin J. David) © BArch, FILMSG1/13659

A rebellious puppet and cowgirl throwing knives - on Saturday and Sunday we present you two marvellous silent movies on the big screen to demonstrate how feminist the early age of film have been.

On Saturday we present Ernst Lubitsch's The Puppet (1908) to you: Ossi Oswalda plays the doll in a cheerfully anarchic manner and with Méliès’-style charm, acting against everything she was created for.

Ufa-Star Käthe von Nagy is the main character of The Republic of Flappers. Billie lives with her father in the Argentinian pampas, but is send to a finishing school where she is supposed to learn good manners. But Billie successfully resists all attempts at being educated and instead encourages the other girls at the school to misbehave.

Both films are accomopanied by Eunice Martin, a famous and virtous pianist for silent films. 

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