Kino Weltsichten presents My Skinny Sister| MIN LILLA SYSTER

My Skinny Sister | Min lilla Syster (D: Sanna Lenken)

This film demonstrates in a sensitive and authentic manner how an eating disorder can impact an entire family.

Stella usually gets on well with her sister Katja even though most of the time everything revolves around her talent as a figure skater and Katja has little time for her younger sister Stella. But suddenly, Katja is often cold and mean to Stella. At first, the family doesn't notice that Katja's illness is becoming increasingly life-threatening. Only Stella intuitively understands the problem and tries to broach the matter with her parents. Katja reacts with mean threats. But before long, the responsibility is too much for the younger sister to bear

My Skinny Sister | MIN LILLA SYSTER
16.02.2020 • 3 p.m. • Kino im U – Dortmunder U (Leonie-Reygers-Terrasse, Dortmund)
Director: Sanna Lenken
Sweden/Germany, 2015, feature film (95 Minuten)
Original with German subtitles
Recommended for age 11 or older

Admission is free!

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