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In a healthy world the 37th edition of the International Dortmund I Cologne Women's Film Festival would have taken place this week. This year's programme of films, talks and events has been carefully put together by the festival team for months - and it has turned out great! But the red carpet lies rolled up in the corner and our international guests remain at home, all over the world.

Our audience, too, stays put inside their four walls. And this is where we would like to bring our festival! IFFF@Home is a daily programme of films and talks, that should have taken place this week. And they do  – online. During our 'festival week' we are presenting a little online programme on Facebook, Vimeo and Instagram. This will help us defy the pain of our phantom limbs and counter our isolation, at least a little bit. 

Female* filmmakers in particular suffer from the corona crises, because women* still work with smaller budgets, they generally earn less and in most cases take over the lion's share of the care work. It is possible that this deep crisis produces something positive by breaking open these old systems. As for the festival team, we generate a lot of creative energy from these difficult times and surprises you with alternative platforms like this one.

We would love it if you stayed in contact with us. Please share your ideas about our films and talks and send us a picture of where you are watching this programme.

#IFFFatHome, viel Spass!

Schedule for the Facebook and Vimeo-Events

March 24th, 9:33 p.m.: Meet & Greet: The IWFF festival team says Hello

March 25th, 9:33 p.m. IWFF-Talk: Betty Schiel in conversation with director Ines Johnson-Spain (in German)
The German premiere of Ines Johnson-Spain‘s documentary film »Becoming Black« is the opening film of the 2020 festival and a highlight of the Focus section Focus: After the Reunification - Germany 1990|2020. Throughout her childhood Johnson-Spain’s parents had claimed that Ines‘ skin colour was a mere product of chance and that it didn‘t have any particular meaning. This film searches for clues in the director’s biography and beyond. Trailer. We met Ines Johnson-Spain for an online chat.

March 26th, 9:33 p.m. IWFF-Talk: Grit Lemke in conversation with Annekatrin Hendel (in German)
"Never did I see films that were about the way in which I had personally experiences the GDR. And so I was arrogant and naive enought to think, alright, if there are no such films, and if not even my colleagues who studied at DEFA are making them, then it is up to me to make them." (Annekatrin Hendel)

As part of our programme Focus: After the Reunification - Germany 1990|2020 curator, filmmaker and author Grit Lemke (»Gundermann Revier«) and filmmaker and producer Annekatrin Hendel (»Vaterlandsverräter«, Trailer, chargeable Stream) were to talk about the importance of telling East German stories from a female* perspective. For you, the two met online. We will post the talk on Facebook and will be available for a live chat.

March 27th, 9:33 p.m. IWFF-Talk: Festival director Maxa Zoller in conversation with director Sabine Derflinger ("JOHANNA DOHNAL - Visionary of Feminism"), (in German)
Sabine Derflinger portrays Johanna Dohnal, who became the first Austrian Minister for Women's Affairs in 1990. Issues simply taken for granted today, such as child custody, laws against sexual harassment and the compatibility of work and family life, were all part of the political struggle of this female politician, often cited as a “superhero of lesbian feminine rights”. Our festival director Maxa Zoller will meet Sabine Derflinger online for a talk about that stunning documentary.

March 28th, 20.33 IWFF-Films: Panorama short film programme (English)
A fantastic selection of short films from our legendary Film All-Nighter from the Panorama Section will be available for three days.

Tell Me Nothing from the Horse, Season 2 (Homosexuality)
DE 2019, 4’, with Thelma Buabeng

Apparitions (Apariciones)
USA 2018, 9’, D: Carolina Caycedo

Throat Singing in Kangirsuk
CA 2019, 3’, D: Manon Chamberland, Eva Kaukai, in collaboration with the Wapikoni Mobile team

Earth Quake
DE/USA 2019, 4’, D: Loretta Fahrenholz

Hitting My Head on the World (Photo)
AT 2019, 13’, D: Anna Vasof

Tell Me Nothing from the Horse, Season 2 (AfD)
DE 2019, 4’, with Thelma Buabeng

March 29th Surprise ...watch out for more

In the last weeks we received so much support and appreciation from our international and national friends. Thank you so much! You give us the right energy to continue with our plan to present a concentrated festival in the autumn. That’s what we are focusing on now in our quarantine offices!

Keep your catalogues, support us and stay healthy – stay tuned, we’ll be back!

Donations and support are possible here, the campaign "Support your local festival" via Dringeblieben.de and also you can become a supporting member.


Photo credit: In the Name of Scheherazade oder der erste Biergarten in Teheran (D: Narges Kalhor)

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