New name, new look and a rescheduled festival date in June!

Logo (c) Ina Bunge / Ten Ten Team

Now the time has finally come! We present ourselves with a new name, a more distinct profile, a new design and the festival is now scheduled to take place in June 2021. Internationales Frauen* Film Fest Dortmund+Köln. This is the new name of Germany's biggest women's film festival, which has successfully promoted women's visibility and networking in the film industry since the 1980s.

What's behind the new festival name? The motivation behind the name change was the desire to simplify and modernise the festival title, which is strongly associated with 'women's film' from the 1980s. The new name is firmly rooted in the tradition of the festival but allows 'women' and 'film' to exist independently while underlining the festival's social networking character ('Fest') – all the more important in these times of digital streaming. The two cities of Dortmund and Cologne are now united by a plus symbol. And the "gender star" – used in German to embrace all genders – highlights the inadequacy of binary categories and breaks them up in the typeface.

The new name is accompanied by a new corporate design, new web presentations and the campaign What IFFF...?, which the festival will gradually introduce in the coming weeks.

How should the new logo be interpreted? The festival's three main premises – dialogue, diversity and empowerment – provided graphic designer Ina Bunge (Ten Ten Team) with the inspiration for the new logo. The equal sign in the three 'F's visualises the demand for equality. The plus sign symbolises the connection between the two cities under the festival mantle. The block-like form stands for solidarity, self-confidence and strength and is timelessly interpreted in black and white. See video.

The website relaunch will go live in the spring before the start of the festival – under the new URL

Not just the look but also the content will be modernised. Dr Maxa Zoller, the festival's artistic director since 2018, has announced an alignment of the programmes at the two locations. In future, the line-up of the festival, which alternates every year between Dortmund and Cologne, will include not just a feature film competition (1),but also the annual Panorama section for current documentaries, the queer-feminist section desired! – film lust & queer, and the theme-based Focus. The programme for children and young adults will also be shown simultaneously in both cities.

"There are historical reasons for the differences between the programmes in Dortmund and Cologne. Fifteen years after the fusion of the predecessor festivals 'femme totale' and 'Feminale', it's time to align the programmes. This allows us to make our line-up more diverse and contemporary," says Zoller.

Originally scheduled to take place in Dortmund in April, the 2021 edition has now been postponed to 15 to 20 June 2021 as a result of the current situation and will be a hybrid festival.

If a lockdown is imposed, we will update you about the new format.


(1)The feature film competitions will continue to showcase debut feature films in Cologne and the work of established women directors in Dortmund.

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