Resistance Through Art

Who took the Bomp? - Le Tigre On Tour
USA 2009, Dir.: Kerthy Fix

That it is possible through art to do something – generate an awareness of social problems and contradictions, take a stance and even sometimes change things – is conclusively shown by three documentary films that take art as their subjects, subjects as diverse as a Brazilian rubbish dump, theatre rehearsals in a Lebanese prison, and feminist punk music. First, Waste Land, directed by Lucy Walker and nominated in 2011 for an Oscar, takes us to the world’s largest landfill (on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro) which Vik Muniz, one of Brazil's leading artists, chose for a major project. Together with a gang of catadores, gatherers of recyclable materials, he creates larger-than-life portraits of them as spectacular modern works of art made from the recyclable materials. Second, 12 Angry Lebanese, the award-wining documentary by Zeina Daccache tells of a drama project in a men's jail in the Lebanon, proving that art can transform the world. And third, Le Tigre: On Tour accompanies the radical electroclash band of the same name on their last world tour through ten countries and four continents and so chronicles life caught between the stage, self-management and big business. It’s fucking hard to be a feminist!!!


Wed. 13.4., 8pm, Kino im U
Le Tigre: On Tour
Kerthy Fix, USA 2009, 75’, Documentary

Thu. 14.4., 11 Uhr, sweetSixteen
Fr 15.4., 22.30 Uhr, Roxy
Waste Land
Lucy Walker, UK/BR 2010, 99‘,Documentary

Sat. 16.4., 14 Uhr, Kino im U
12 Angry Lebanese
Zeina Daccache, Lebanon 2009, 78‘,Documentary